Aware Parenting

Aware Parenting (AwP) applies tools to help you and your baby release emotions in a healthy way (rather than repression or aggression), so that you can both feel more relaxed and have better sleep.

It’s also super helpful with babies, toddlers and teens to be more relaxed and cooperative. It also helps to raise your children to be drug-free. Before learning about AwP I found it difficult to understand what is going ion with my little one. Aware parenting breaks down some of the challenging toddler behaviour into deciphering what’s going on with these little humans.

Understanding, compassion and ease are such an integral part of Aware Parenting. Also, it helps us as parents on our healing journey.

“Is he always this calm?” People often ask me about baby Eliasz. “Yes!” is my
answer. And “YES, we get great sleep!”

About 3 years ago, when my daughter was 6 months old, I learned about Aware
Parenting, and it completely changed the way that I parent, and the way that I
understood my child. I learned that crying helps babies and children release
tension and stress, so if it is not a need (like hunger or nappy change, for
example), tears and laughter and connection can be totally freeing for them.
Actually, stress-releasing hormones are emitted through tears, so physiologically
it correlates. And when we are there to listen to their crying (never leave a child
to cry alone), they will feel calmer (& more coop
erative for toddlers/older children) and have better sleep, which is a bonus for us adults, too.

A child’s natural inclination is to cooperate, be calm and be pure love. They “act
out in challenging behaviour” when they need help releasing tension. I notice that when my daughter is acting “difficult,” (she is 3.5yrs old) and then I help her to have a good cry, a tantrum, a laugh or a close connecting time with me, she is transformed into a super relaxed and happy child who wants to help me and be gentle.

I am now training to be a certified Aware Parenting (AwP) instructor. I’m super passionate about helping other mums find more ease and joy in parenting. I often offer workshops and Mum’s Circles to teach the many facets and techniques of Aware Parenting. Find more joy, ease, compassion, understanding and healing.
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Give yourself a chance to relax and heal while learning techniques for building healthy communication and release for your kids, use loving limits rather than punishment & reward… and more from the Aware Parenting (AwP) perspective (based on Aletha Solter’s The Aware Baby & Marion Rose PhD’s work.)

Hi, I’m Laura, a passionate mother of two gorgeous children (ages 3.5 and 6 months), a yoga instructor, facilitator and mediator. I learned first-hand how to get better sleep for my kids (& myself!) and how challenging behavior is caused by painful feelings… & how creating a space for my kids to cry or laugh or connect allows them to return to their true nature of cooperation & love. It has been a game- changer in this sacred parenting journey!

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