How are you? I’m Laura, and I am passionate about helping others to develop a deeper sense of harmony, balance, connection & presence with yourself (and if you are a parent, then I’m so wanting to help you deepen your connection with your little ones, find more ease, heal and to help your little ones communicate and release emotions in a healthy way so that they will be more happy and cooperative and sleep better).  I’m excited to help you achieve maximum emotional, physical and spiritual health & healing through yoga, Ayurveda and Aware Parenting.  

“Mums & bubs yoga helps my baby sleep better. I’m currently in the middles of one of these classes and cannot recommend them more! Very nurturing and with a yummy, healthy snack and chat afterwards.”  -Cat
Laura’s massage was the best one I’ve ever had and doing yoga with her was the best decision I have made for myself and my baby during my pregnancy. It definitely contributed to my healing labour after a difficult one the first time around.-Shantele


I am a yoga instructor, massage therapist, Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultant, certified mediator, mother of 2 and an Aware Parenting Instructor.  I work mainly with women to create a safe, healing space for them to develop a routine of health and well-being.  Through ancient wisdom and modern incites, I teach mums-to-be and mums healing practices.  I am a mother of 2 divine beings: Aya (I-ya) born in 2015 and Eliasz (El-EE-ash) born in 2018.


Yoga is a space for sensitivity and balance, an awakening and unification. For the past decade Laura has been exploring different yoga traditions, such as vinyassa, hatha, ashtanga, Jivamukti, Iyengar, yin and Sivananda. Laura lived in ashrams and studied with masters around the globe, completing her yoga teacher training in India (Hatha Yoga from Ayur-Yoga Eco-Ashram in 2012) and has stayed a student ever since. Laura’s yoga classes are a journey infused with meditation & relaxation techniques, asanas, pranayama (breathing), and chanting. They are a nurturing, creative blend of flow and stillness, dissolving tension and bringing joy, freedom, peace and heart energy to her beloved students.   Since becoming a mother in 2015, she has also taught pregnancy and mums & bubs yoga, inspiring sacred mummas and babies alike to quiet the mind, stretch the body and connect deep inside.

Laura also facilitates groups, such as Mum’s Circles & workshops to offer a safe space for parents to express how they are doing, as well as learn techniques from the world of aware communication (non-violent communication/NVC) & Aware Parenting. These techniques are vital for developing a strong sense of our feelings & needs and expressing them through healthy expression, thus helping develop reconciliation, better cooperation and conflict prevention, which are also pivotal for health. She encourages mums to empower themselves and their babies through deep presence together, close connection and peaceful, healthy dialogue (or release of emotions/crying for babies/laughter) to create the foundation for harmonious communication.

Laura has always been around health and healing. Her father and mother were inspirational role models. Her father, (R.I.P.) was a cardio vascular and thoracic surgeon.  As a child, Laura spent many days visiting hospitals, and going on “rounds” to care for patients with her father.  She remembers fondly how he would spend so much time caring for his patients, always so interested in their lives and well-being. He was so well-trained and devoted, yet so humble at the same time.  He helped so many people. Laura’s mother worked passionately along side her father in his office, and she also cared for her large family. She always prepared the most amazing Moroccan cooking to nourish the family with spices and love. 

Taking life lessons from her parents, Laura loved learning more about healing, using the heart and how food is medicine.  Laura connects healing modalities of yoga, Ayurveda, massage, and emotional health with Aware Parenting.  She is passionate about cooking, gardening and food made with love. She has a caring nurturing and relaxing approach, to help her clients move into a more balanced and healthy state, their true nature, so that their bodies can heal themselves.  Laura applies Ayurvedic, Thai massage, Swedish/relaxation massage, Reiki and her own intuition, depending on her clients needs.

Laura has studied and worked in the health and holistic field in the USA, Israel, India, Thailand, Sydney and Byron, delving deeply into ancient traditions while interweaving modern approaches. She is a member of the International Institute for Complimentary Therapies (IICT). One of her first jobs related to health and the body was in 2001 in the USA (where she grew up). She worked as an aerobics instructor and personal trainer while completing her B.A. in sociology and Middle Eastern Studies from Brandeis University. She then pursued a master’s degree in conflict resolution and mediation at Tel Aviv University (2005) in Israel to understand conflict prevention and solutions. She combined her innate abilities to communicate, along with her passion for soothing the body, mind and soul.

She lived in Israel for almost a decade, facilitating (in Hebrew and some Arabic) between Jewish and Arab youth in group settings. In contrast to the pain and chaos that she felt in this conflict zone, she found joy, freedom and peace when yoga and massage entered her life at this time. Yoga and massage allowed her to return to the true nature of the heart: love. She then began offering yoga as a healing tool for these Arab and Jewish teens in her community in Israel.  They loved learning about yoga, and one student even encouraged her to become a yoga teacher, which planted the seed to pursue the holistic field.

After yoga and massage studies, Laura found the Ayurveda College in Byron, Bay Australia in 2014, which taught her principles of health, according to the Vedic ancient scriptures and how diet & lifestyle adjustments, along with Ayurvedic treatments can heal disease.  She follows the rhythm of Ayurveda, applying its practices daily for optimal health and well-being, depending on the season, climate and/or ailment. She is open with love to helping her family, friends and clients find their natural way of being, their optimal health and their true nature.

When Laura’s first child was 6 months old, she started learning about Aware Parenting (AwP) with Marion Rose PhD in Mullumbimby.  This approach to parenting totally resonated with her, helped her shift her own patterns and learn how to help her children cry and release emotions to heal.  She is now an Aware parenting instructor so that more families can benefit from this democratic, conscious and healing approach to parenting, filled with more compassion, understanding and ease.  AwP, contrary to permissive or authoritarian parenting looks at the root cause of children’s behaviour, understanding that when children behave in challenging ways, a release of stressful/pent-up emotions (through connection + crying/tantrums or connection + play/laughter) helps them have undisturbed sleep, be calmer, be more cooperative, more relaxed and concentrate for longer periods.  Although life is busy with 2 kids, most nights are long and restful with quality sleep 🙂 Thank you Aware Parenting and Marion! Please check out the Aware Parenting section of the site to found out more! or book in with Laura for a consult or workshop. Laura 0415533311


Please contact Laura at [email protected] for a yoga session, massage, Ayurvedic treatment or Aware Parenting workshop/consultation.  


We also have a yurt retreat space (50 min from Byron Bay in the Hinterlands) with Mum’s Circles, workshops, and an option to stay there overnight.  It’s a space to disconnect from technology and recharge your batteries.  let me know if you’d  like more info!


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Our Yurt in Modanville, NSW, Australia. (50 min from Byron Bay).