I love our Aware Parenting consultation sessions deeply. These weekly sessions have been incredible to me over these past months. Really such an anchor ⚓️ As a mother, having somebody to lean on, to hold you through all the feelings in order for you to hold your children through there’s, it is ESSENTIAL for parenting from a space of awareness. Laura created the most beautiful container for me to see myself through. I am touched by her work. Thank you for sharing your wisdom ❤️ -Sally, AwP consultations

Mums & bubs yoga helps my baby sleep better. I’m currently in the middles of one of these classes and cannot recommend them more! Very nurturing and with a yummy, healthy snack and chat afterwards.  -Cat, Mums & bubs yoga

Laura’s massage was the best one I’ve ever had and doing yoga with her was the best decision I have made for myself and my baby during my pregnancy. It definitely contributed to my healing labour after a difficult one the first time around. -Shantele, pregnancy yoga

I had NEVER, ever tried Yoga (I’m 52) until I tried a class with Laura In September 2020 at our local Community Hall. I have to say; these classes are fantastic and are something I start looking forward to as soon as our weekly class ends! From the very first class I have loved Laura’s enthusiasm, patience, love of Yoga, her skills as a teacher and her joyful sense of humour. Laura makes every person in our class feel welcome, included, she makes us aware of our progression as skills improve and supports us to feel completely valued. I would recommend working with Laura to anyone looking for an amazing experience. -Cassie, hatha yoga in Keerong

New to this experience, Laura’s classes were a perfect introduction to yoga for me. From day one I was made to feel very welcome & supported, & several months on the classes continue to find little variances that keep me challenged. I love that it is not just about the poses but includes some very helpful reflections & mindfulness exercises. I look forward to this peaceful hour every week. -Phil, hatha yoga in The Channon

Laura’s women’s circle was a nurturing beautiful safe space. Held in a gorgeous handmade yurt on her property in nature. She gave us the space to express our emotions and a place to fill our cups up. She checked in to how we were feeling, lead us through a yoga session, fed us nourishing food and it was just what I needed. It’s easy to put your self-care on the back burner as a mother. To say I’ll go another time as the hardest part is getting there. Push yourself to get there and you will be happy you did. I highly recommend her circles and can’t wait for the next one. – Kayla, Mum’s Circle

My 8 month old baby boy and I attended Laura’s yoga classes at The Birth House, Lismore for 3 consecutive Thursdays. We really enjoyed our time in Laura’s space. It was so inviting, warm and nurturing. Mums and Bubs are welcome to do anything necessary to meet the needs of bub throughout the duration of the class and the class is easily adapted for accommodating any eventuality with respect and understanding.  Laura had me mesmerised at her ability to yoga so effortlessly whilst being in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy with her 2nd child, it is a testament to her professionalism and passion for yoga for Mums and Babies. Directly after practicing yoga it was always so homely and comforting to share a cup of tea and homemade goodies that were a beautiful touch.  It really does take a village to raise a child and it is nice to build your village with Laura, she’s such a beautiful and genuine person. I will miss my Thursday sessions with her and so will you once you have shared that space with her.  -Melanie      

Laura is a calm and smiley yoga instructor and so relatable as a fellow mum. I love how she creates a welcoming space that is truly relaxing for mamas and inclusive of our babies. We have made wonderful friends in the yoga class and it is often the highlight of our week.” Thank you Laura xx  -Vanessa