One of the best parts about yoga are the many tools to quiet the mind, so that you can relax, heal and connect in with compassion…, , Here are just a few ideas to give yourself some quick yogi love…

1.) Pranayama (breathing techniques): try sitting in a comfortable position and breathing in and out very slowly… following the breath as it enters and exits the nostrils. You can try this:
2.) Meditation: now that you have slowed your breathing, can you sit comfortably for a few minutes, starting with 5 minutes a day. Then slowly building up a few minutes every week. Set a timer and remove distractions. It’s cool to get in the habit of meditating with a baby around. Sometimes, toddlers, though, can be a bit tough to share the quiet space with. Don’t be shy to give it a try, though!
3.) Chanting with a mantra: I absolutely love singing! And what a joy that as mothers, we can sing, sing, sing. Chanting incorporates mantra and rhythm, for exponential benefits of health, happiness and connecting in the present moment. It also has detoxifying properties, purification and the ability to remove impressions that are left in us. All mantras have positive meanings and by repeating them (even if the exact meaning is not known), will have a positive effect. Just choose your favourite chant or mantra and recognize the purity and love that it creates.
4.) Yoga asanas (especially balances postures). When balancing in tree posture, dancing posture, warrier 3 or any other favourite balancing posture, the mind had difficulty wanderer. It’s a great tool to strengthn and balance the body, while slowing the thoughts.