yoga nidra

With the help of sound, please enjoy this gentle 20 min yoga nidra that I made years ago. It is like a body scan to relax. I often listen to this to quiet the mind when my mind is racing. It’s also a great way to slow ourselves down when we’re feeling overwhelmed and need to find balance, and just to help us recenter. I hope it helps you! xo

p.s. you may need to download soundcloud first to be able to listen to it.


Namaste! Chakras are energy centres that are located in the body, from the base of the spine up through the energy channel of the spine to the top of the head. Some schools of yoga believe that blockages in these energy centres and channels relate to blockages in life. For example, is your throat sore or are you unable to speak up?  Well, maybe your vishuddi chakra is blocked. Try gently and nourishingly clearing this space with neck rotations or bringing your head side to side (right ear towards the right shoulder, and then to the other side). See if you feel lighter and clearer. For more info on chakras, please check out this visual that I’ve created located below. om shanti 🙂 -Laura