Come and join an Aware Parenting Discussion this Friday Oct 22 in Ballina

Hello local N Rivers mums!
How are you? Come and join the local mums & bubs group that meets fortnightly on Fridays in Ballina. I’m very excited to be speaking there this week about Aware Parenting.
Aware Parenting (AwP is a conscious approach to help our children through challenges by being there with them, connecting deeply, listening to their cries, tantrums, joy and laughter. And in turn, helping them to gain a deeper sense of emotional intelligence, healthy communication, deeper sleep, ease with coooperation and closer connection to you. Once our children feel relaxed from pent-up emotions, they can live live more joyfully and sleep better. Also, AwP is a profound journey for parents, to understand our own emotions and triggers. it has been life-changing for me!

Please do come if you’re a mum with bub (in arms). Feel free to ask any questions about Aware Parenting. The group meets on Friday from 9:30-11:30. I’ll come at 10:30. It’s at 44 Grant st, Ballina. It’s a white studio with purple doors. it’s $15. No vax or mask needed.

If you ever have an AwP question, you can also ask me anytime! Comment below, send me a message or give me a ring. 0415533311. I hope you’re all doing well!
Lots of love,
Laura Shaz