How are you? I hope that you are all doing well.
Over the last couple of years, I have been so happy sharing Aware Parenting (AwP) through 1:1 sessions, teaching lots of yoga and massaging so many beautiful clients in the North Rivers.
I have also been studying midwifery, which is why I have been holding less events, in terms of mums & bubs yoga, women’s circles, and pregnancy yoga. This is my final year of my bachelor of midwifery. It’s a very intensive course, and also very rewarding. I enjoy so much the combination of yoga, massage Aware Parenting, and Midwifery. They all blend so well together.
Wishing you all a peaceful 2024. And please feel free to reach out to me if you would like to join for yoga, massage or AwP.
Much love,

Yoga in Lismore for Pregnancy and Mums & bubs, New Aware Parenting YouTube channel

Namaste ?
How are you? For all of the locals, looking for yoga and Aware Parenting… There are still a few more spaces to join yoga for pregnancy and mums & bubs in Lismore.

All are welcome to join Yoga for mums & bubs/pregnant women (combined class), starting on wed., Feb 9 at 10:30. Held in 3-week blocks. This month classes will be feb 9-16-23

Held in Lismore above Republic of Coffee on Wednesday mornings. (Upstairs at 1/100 Magellan st)
(It’s not pram friendly)

I have all mats & supplies + morning tea for after class. Also I’m happy to lead a discussion about Aware Parenting after class.

$20/class or $50 for 3 classes.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Lots of love!
P.S. I have a New Aware Parenting utube channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UCzJVrX6DnF_zr23X-KkxfNg
Please let me know if you have any questions, and I’d love to talk about it on the utube channel.

My New Aware Parenting YouTube Channel

Have you been looking for a clear, easy way to understand Aware Parenting better? Please click on this link for short 5-6 minute videos with tips and examples of the Aware Parenting approach. Learn ways to help your children fall asleep easier, stay asleep for longer, have better concentration, ability to sit alone for longer periods of time and find more cooperation. Also, Aware Parenting helps parents heal from childhood stress, triggers and gain a deeper space for healthy communication.

Here is a link to my Aware Parenting youtube channel:


Come and join an Aware Parenting Discussion this Friday Oct 22 in Ballina

Hello local N Rivers mums!
How are you? Come and join the local mums & bubs group that meets fortnightly on Fridays in Ballina. I’m very excited to be speaking there this week about Aware Parenting.
Aware Parenting (AwP is a conscious approach to help our children through challenges by being there with them, connecting deeply, listening to their cries, tantrums, joy and laughter. And in turn, helping them to gain a deeper sense of emotional intelligence, healthy communication, deeper sleep, ease with coooperation and closer connection to you. Once our children feel relaxed from pent-up emotions, they can live live more joyfully and sleep better. Also, AwP is a profound journey for parents, to understand our own emotions and triggers. it has been life-changing for me!

Please do come if you’re a mum with bub (in arms). Feel free to ask any questions about Aware Parenting. The group meets on Friday from 9:30-11:30. I’ll come at 10:30. It’s at 44 Grant st, Ballina. It’s a white studio with purple doors. it’s $15. No vax or mask needed.

If you ever have an AwP question, you can also ask me anytime! Comment below, send me a message or give me a ring. 0415533311. I hope you’re all doing well!
Lots of love,
Laura Shaz


Extraordinary conversation about Aware Parenting with Laura and Gian

Oh it was such a joy to join Gian for an extraordinary conversation.
Please check out the link above to learn more about Aware Parenting and to hear about the beautiful Gian’s work in coaching, as well. She supports women entrepreneurs build their businesses and more. She is available on her fb page: Gian Z. Ozcan
We are so passionate about supporting mothers and families.
Come and join me for more chances to discuss Aware Parenting, share and ask questions, every Wednesday morning following the 10:30 Mums & bubs/pregnancy yoga classes at the Lismore Birth House. Discussion and morning tea at 11:30. Please contact me for more info 0415533311 all mums need more chances to stretch and share/be heard. I also offer online Aware Parenting consults.

Lots of love!,

The Wisdom of Crying and Aware Parenting

Mums & Bubs/Pregnancy Yoga Class

With Aware Parenting Discussions after class-> Planning for Parenthood/finding more ease, joy and connection as a parent.

At the Lismore Birth House

July 14, 21, 28

$50 for 3 classes or $20 for drop-ins

Are you looking for more sleep as a new mother or some valuable tools in preparation as a mother?

Come and join for a 3-week mums and bubs/pregnancy set of yoga classes, which also incorporate Aware Parenting discussions after class.

These special 3 classes will run on Wednesdays at the Lismore Birth House:

July 14, 21, 28

$50 for the 3 classes or $20 drop-in

Quiet the Mind

Strengthen the Body

Nourish the Soul

While learning about the Wisdom of Crying for more Ease and Joy in your Parenting Journey.

I’m always amazed to see the correlation between stress and crying. Did you know that there’s a direct link? Babies and children that have stress or accumulated emotions due to stress or trauma can heal by crying to release these big emotions. Stress can come up from overwhelm on a big shopping trip or days apart in daycare with experiences to process. Trauma could be related to a frightening experience, big day out or birth trauma (or other reasons).

Children that are healed and free of stress or emotions from trauma are relaxed, sleep great, alert in the day (can mantain eye contact), communicative, non-violent and no longer triggered by trauma reminders.

If your baby or child has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, separation anxiety, challenges around sitting in car seats or other cooperative requests, concentrating for periods… then, you may want to learn more about Aware Parenting to find more ease and joy in your parenting journey.

Aware Parenting (AwP) is an approach to parenting that was founded by developmental psychologist Aletha Solter. I can vouch, first-hand, that both of my children sleep great, communicate clearly with me (sometimes through tears and tantrums or laughter and games), enjoy therapeutic play games (attachment play) to process, laugh or heal, cooperate with each other, learn lucidly and love life! This approach has not only changed my parenting life but also me as a person, learning valuable listening techniques, self-care reminders, healing from my childhood and a deeper sense of presence, empathy and mindfulness in my daily life.

Sometimes red flags come up, and I notice that my children are feeling upset. They may become aggressive (ie hitting) or suppressive (ie screens). I calmly set loving limits and allow their tears to come through, as I lovingly support them. As babies, I would notice their clinginess, or lack of eye contact, or disturbed sleep as a sign of stress and need to release big emotions. As parents, we can meet the needs of our babies and children, fill them with warmth & love and support them to be the best versions of themselves. Ever since my daughter was 6 months old (5 years ago) and my son was born (2.5 years ago), I have listened to their tears and tantrums with love and without judgement.

Babies and children who are/were stressed or had traumatic experiences can release the emotions that are held in their bodies through crying and being listened to in arms. they can always catch-up. If parents were stressed during pregnancy, or there was a birth trauma, for example, if a baby has developmental frustrations or had frightening experiences, or even if babies or children have really big days or new experiences to process, crying or laughter attachment play games with the support of a carer can help babies and children relax, heal, be more cooperative and be able to concentrate better.

According to the Aware Parenting Philosophy, we can ask: Why Do babies cry?
1.) -> Communication: Baby has an immediate need, like physical closeness, food, stimulation, etc, so as carers, we can fill the baby’s need as best as possible.
2.) -> Stress Release: Baby has an emotional or physical hurt or stress, such as a physical hurt or trauma, emotional hurt, accumulated stress.
If #2 is the reason, as parents we can remove the source of pain, hold our baby or child lovingly and listen to the crying.

This helps our baby feel loved and safe. Crying and tears that are emitted though crying has anti-stress hormones that are excreted from the body (oxytocin). It is an emotional healing mechanism. have you ever had a beautiful crying release where you felt held and supported, whether with a friend or therapist? The same feeling of lightness happens for our little ones when they are supported in their crying with their most loved ones. Emotional stress can be healed by babies being held in arms and empathetically listened to while crying. Toddlers and children may want to move around, but to have their carer close by. Healing happens when another is supporting us.

It’s always important to check for a pain or an immediate need when our babies or children cry. If they need to cry to release emotions, the AwP approach suggests to stay calm, listen hold our little one lovingly and to say something like, “I hear you. I’m listening.” (I wouldn’t suggest something like, “Here’s a cookie. Stop crying.” Or “Let’s go for a walk in the pram to stop you from crying.”) Allow the crying to continue for as long as it needs and as long as the carer can be present through the emotions. All of these big emotions coming out will help our little ones feel better! Our little ones must feel safe and connected to the carer. They will keep trying to cry and be heard until they are healed from the stress or trauma, which is why often babies wake up in the night to cry. I recommend finding time and space during the day or before bed to allow emotions to be released, so that our children can sleep. They want a great night’s sleep as much as we do.

Post-crying results in health benefits, such as lower blood pressure, lowered heart rate, lower body temperature and the ability to learn better (yup, a higher IQ). Research has found that crying is actually more beneficial to our health than exercise.

If you are interested in learning more about this approach, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am an AwP practitioner, helping families sleep better and find more joy and ease through workshops, 1-on-1 consultations (usually 1 hr in person or online) and mother’s circles. My email address is [email protected] or 0415533311. Also, I teach mums & bubs/pregnancy yoga classes at the Lismore Birth House on Wednesdays. After class in July we will discuss AwP topics. Alternately, I have time after the classes and discussions for 1-on-1 appointments on Wednesdays from 1pm at the Birth House.

I hold a Master’s degree in Conflict Resolution and Mediation, and I am passionate about supporting families find more understanding, peace, joy and sleep.

At our local water hole/favourite nature spot in the Channon

Mums and Bubs Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga at the Lismore Birth House (combined class) and Pre and Post-Natal Massage at the Lismore Birth House

Held Tuesday mornings at 10:30, onward

Testimonials: “Mums & bubs yoga helps my baby sleep better. I’m currently in the middles of one of these classes and cannot recommend them more! Very nurturing and with a yummy, healthy snack and chat afterwards.”  -Cat  

Laura’s massage was the best one I’ve ever had and doing yoga with her was the best decision I have made for myself and my baby during my pregnancy. It definitely contributed to my healing labour after a difficult one the first time around.-Shantele  

“My 8 month old baby boy and I attended Laura’s yoga classes at The Birth House, Lismore for 3 consecutive Thursdays. We really enjoyed our time in Laura’s space. It was so inviting, warm and nurturing. Mums and Bubs are welcome to do anything necessary to meet the needs of bub throughout the duration of the class and the class is easily adapted for accommodating any eventuality with respect and understanding.  Laura had me mesmerised at her ability to yoga so effortlessly whilst being in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy with her 2nd child, it is a testament to her professionalism and passion for yoga for Mums and Babies. Directly after practicing yoga it was always so homely and comforting to share a cup of tea and homemade goodies that were a beautiful touch.  It really does take a village to raise a child and it is nice to build your village with Laura, she’s such a beautiful and genuine person. I will miss my Thursday sessions with her and so will you once you have shared that space with her.”  -Melanie