Aware Parenting, thank you! & Mum’s Circle

Thank you to Aware Parenting (AwP) for helping me partake on this beautiful journey of motherhood with more joy, love, understanding and healing. I love that AwP teaches us to look after the mums & bubs emotional well-being by emphasizing the needs for mums, little ones and babies to cry and be heard or to play, (releasing pent-up emotions through crying and laughter). The goal is to help not only our child connect with their natural inclinations of cooperation and contribution, and to help improve their sleep and rest states as they are more relaxed and free from bottled-up emotions, but also mum.

One of the most useful tools for me from AwP has been to decipher this toddler language. For example, when my daughter acts out, it’s a sign, that she wants help, and that she needs my help. Babies and children are full of love and do not want to cause pain to anybody. They also do not want to repress or use aggression to handle their feelings. They need help directing their emotions toward a healthy path of release. A strong reaction over a little event, like a child crying over a broken cookie, probably means that there is more than the broken cookie going on in with that little one.

It’s been a very life-changing experience for me, having met my mentor, Marion Rose PhD (baby psychologist & amazing woman), in Mullumbimby over 2 years ago in a mum’s circle, and then afterward reading The Aware Baby by Aletha Solter. My daughter was 6 months old at the time, and I hadn’t given her much opportunity to really cry. Since then we have both healed and been heard so much. It’s been miraculous to see how light and relaxed she became once she had a good cry or laughed and is heard compassionately. Also, I have been able to be so much more aware of my emotions and hers, be more connected & present with her, be more harmonious with my family and be able to process & heal from patterns from my past.

This approach to parenting really resonated with me. Ofcourse, there’s no one way or right way to parent, so listen to what feels right for you. I’m studying now to be an AwP instructor with Marion Rose. I have a background in Conflict Resolution & Mediation, facilitation and non-violent communication (aware communication) with a master’s degree from Tel Aviv University. I am very committed to helping people find health, joy and peace in their lives.

I’m so excited that on Sunday, August 12th from 10-11:30 you are invited to join in for a small mums’ circle at our place in Modanville: to have some mumma time, do some yoga, fill up your cup, share how you are doing at the moment (whether it be about your little one or anything else in your life… Everything is connected, so what happens in one part of your life effects other areas), and learn tips and resources about Aware Parenting (which I will explain more of below).

We’ve just created a little temple space in a yurt in our backyard. We will use the practise of yoga, meditation and Aware Parenting, and ofcourse some yummy treats, to relax and slow down, and to listen within and also to each other. The mums’ circle, which I would like to entitle: “Being Heard and Healing,” will be held one weekend morning in August that suits all that is interested, ideally just mums (ofcourse babies can come, but it may be nice to have this space to be without them for this time). Cost: $10
If this feels right for you, please let me know and book in, and feel free to invite others who may be interested.
[email protected] or 0415 533 311