Mum’s Circle

Come, beautiful mothers, join in a mum’s circle at our home in Modanville (in our yurt). It will be held on Sunday, march 10 from 9-11 am. $10. please contact me for more info and address if you’d like to join.

We will have time to connect in with ourselves, how are we feeling? what are we needing? we will support one another in a safe space, practice yoga and meditation and learn tips from the AwP perspective.
What is AwP?

AwP looks after the mums & bubs emotional well-being by emphasizing the needs for mums, little ones and babies to cry (in arms or closeby if at toddler + age) and to be heard or to play, (releasing pent-up emotions through crying and laughter. Through close connection and presence, we can help our children reallign with their natural inclinations of love, cooperation and contribution, and to help improve their sleep and rest states as they are more relaxed and free from bottled-up emotions.