Holistic Parenting


Every morning, I open my eyes and see my daughter.  I usually feel tired and then I feel that great joy that my little guru reminds me of with her cute smile.

We are given a gift every day: to enjoy it all!

We can choose to feel present in every moment and to make choices that will contribute to our well-being of happiness and satisfaction. We can allow ourselves to feel nurtured and relaxed.  Then we can give back these energies of unconditional love to our little ones and to those around us. This process also allows us to feel aligned with our natural, balanced state of being, our intuition guides us and we can be the best versions of ourselves.

Building on years of education and work in the field of peace and love, I offer a safe space for women, mothers, mums-to-be (and sometimes for fathers, too) to feel happy, satisfied and healthy.

I’m Laura Shaz, a postitive thinker, big dreamer and mother.  I am also a yoga instructor, massage therapist and Ayurveda lifestyle consultant.  I incorporate ancient wisdoms, along with techniques of aware communication and mediation to create an environment of love and compassion in clases, individual sessions, workshops, courses and sacred sharings. I have a Masters degree in Conflict Resolution and Mediation and worked as a facilitator and educator building bridges of communication & understanding in a conflict zone for many years.

Everyday I use principles of aware communication (NVC/non violent communication), yoga, massage, and Ayurveda, to raise my toddler and to have fun being a mother ☺. We spend a lot of time outdoors in nature and creating healthy meals.  Also, we practice yoga and pranayama (breathing exercises) together.  For example, I use deep breathing and mentally repeat a mantra when lying with my little one to sleep:

Breathing In Deeply: IN
Breathing Out Out:         OUT
In:                                                  DEEP
Out:                                                 SLOW
In:                                                          SMILE
Out:                                                            RELAX
In:                                                                       BREATHE
Out:                                                                           RELEASE
…After this mantra and deep yoga breaths, we have both relaxed and slowed down. We have released so much energy that we do not need to hold onto any longer. We have allowed space for fresh, healing energy to come in. We are lighter and clearer… and usually after a few minutes of lying there together my munchkin has then drifted off to sleep.

Go ahead and try it if you’ve got a little one at home or if you want some moments to relax with deep breathing and repeating this mantra: IN>OUT>DEEP>SLOW>SMILE>RELAX>BREATHE>RELEASE.

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know how you feel afterward.