I am filled with Love

If only everyday we could wake up and meditate to the mantra, “I am filled with Love.” Imagine how many more positive and beautiful things would come into our lives.

As a mother I find it important to overcome tiredness and frustration to lead an example of pure divine Love.  While I’m not recommending to suppress other emotions… (That would also be unhealthy, and one should strive to process pain, conflict, challenge, anger, etc.)… I’m encouraging the importance of Love, acceptance,  letting go and having fun on our journey.
Last night I led a pregnancy yoga class and recited some hypnobirthing mantras with a guided meditation. Please feel free to read the picture and words. Whether you’re pregnant or not, maybe you’ll feel touched at certain parts.

Please feel free to leave a comment if something moved or opened you towards a new direction.

Much love,