Finding Spirituality in Motherhood

I’m two years into this spiritual journey called Motherhood. I love it! I still look at my daughter in amazement, with pure love, always discovering remarkable nuances. She slows me down, she connects me to the here and now she teaches me to me find more versions of compassion, letting go, and having fun, even when I thought it was all exhausted. And the less calm and carefree days remind me why I love yoga, relaxation techniques and massage.

Here are some incites from motherhood that I find connect me to spirituality, presence, dedication, surrender and reconciliation:
1.) Connect in the present moment, take long, deep breaths
2.) Take things slowly, notice the fine details of life and nurture a routine promoting health & well-being
3.) Relax, laugh and have fun
4.) Practice relaxation techniques, such as yoga nidra
5.) Reconcile: be happy and positive, but also realistic about emotions and learn to move forward through healthy processing. Ayurveda teaches the many dangers that suppressing emotions can cause, also to the physical self. It is so important to let go, to process pain and if possible to come to a place of loving-kindess. In reconciliation wishing the other side to be happy and well and forgiving is very powerful. Thanking the other side for being a messenger of transformation, allowing growth, and for change through challenge to take shape is the next step.

Motherhood is one big party of being in the moment, connecting, serving, improving one’s self and loving another unconditionally. It’s a test in strength and stamina. I have the utmost respect for all the mothers who, among all the challenges, keep on going. Next time that you meet a mother who shares her story, her purity, her daily presence and selflessness, please listen to her and celebrate her story. And if you are a mother, you’re amazing!!! Keep it up 🙂