Intro to Aware Parenting Workshop

Hello Mothers,At the end of August I am so excited to host another Intro to Aware Parenting Workshop. If you are interested in learning the many facets and techniques of Aware Parenting or wanting to find more joy, ease, compassion, understanding and healing in your motherhood journey, then please come along or let me know if you have any questions in your personal life.This workshop is not only about the children, but more so about you,: your healing, your time to fill up your cup and how you can express your needs & feelings in a healthy way, then if you have space, how you can support your children to release their feelings.Give yourself a chance to relax and heal while learning techniques for building healthy communication and releasefor your kids, use loving limits rather than punishment & reward… and more from the Aware Parenting (AwP) perspective (based on Aletha Solter’s The Aware Baby & Marion Rose PhD’s work.)I’m a mother of two children (ages almost 4 yrs and 9 months), a yoga instructor, facilitator and mediator. I’m training to be an Aware Parenting Instructor. Almost 3 and a half years ago I learned the basic principles of AwP from Marion Rose PhD, helping me and my daughter to get better sleep, along with better communication skills for us all, bonding exercises to release through laughter and play and generally how to enjoy parenting more, as I understand my children better and can help them be more cooperative and calm, able to concentrate and enjoy life more. It was so wonderful to have these tools available once my second was born, so that we could all enjoy family life together more and overcome the challenges of growing and changing.Challenging behavior is caused by painful feelings and once I understood that, created a space for my kids to cry or laugh or connect, then they could return to their true nature of cooperation & love. It was wonderful to watch how my babies and toddler changed once they could be listened to and responded to, they became generally healthier, happier and gentler. They don’t want to be disrespectful and difficult, they just need help getting out their uncomfortable feelings, whether caused through trauma or simply an overwhelming shopping trip.Aware Parenting has changed my life, and I hope it will yours, as well! I hope to see u there!Sunday Aug 25, 10am-1pmAt our home in Modanville, in the yurt in the backCost $60+2 follow-up inline calls and continuing support through facebook after the workshopwww.ljspeace.comLaura 0415 533 311

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