Upcoming Play & Heal- Aware Parenting Workshop

Hello Local Friends with kids!
How are u?
A few years ago I learned about Aware Parenting from Marion Rose and how the play component of it all works! It’s been amazing to see shifts within moments of connecting in with my daughter (4yrs old) and playing together, sometimes any old kind of deep connecting play and sometimes specific Attachment Play. A few minutes, for example, of her being the leader, coming on my back and directing me, has helped her gain power and laugh and then return her to her true nature of cooperation & compassion, and made my life a lot easier! Also with my baby we play peek-a-boo or copying each other’s sounds before bed and he sleeps better after that deep connection (and also often after a cry in my arms).

In a few weeks I will host a workshop filled with techniques for finding more cooperation with our kids through play, based on Aletha Solter’s work and the Aware Parenting (AwP) approach. I’m really excited to share how AwP delves into underlying emotions that lead to challenging behaviour and looks at ways to release them through crying (in arms as a baby) or tears/tantrums, laughter/play and deep connection, as along as needs are met.

If you are looking for more joy, laughter, ease and play, along with more fun & deeper connection with your kids, come and join in the next workshop (Sun., Nov 10, 10-1 at our yurt in Modanville) around play and healing.

It will help our kids and us as parents heal through laughter and play.

Please let me know if you would like more info or to book in.
much love,
Laura Shaz