Going online…

Hi Friends,

How are you? I hope that you are finding some peace, and support during these days.

I’m offering some online options in the near future to be with you:
Free class 31/3 Tuesday evening classes 6:15pm


After that Tuesday class, will you be looking for a way to continue to stay healthy and calm for the body & the mind while connecting with a spiritual force?

In Apri I’ll offer 1hr classes on Tuesday evenings at 6:15pm, focusing on a different body part and chakra for each class.

$30 for the month,

Whoever would like to join can PM me for more info, bank or PayPal details.

Aware Parenting:

Are you familiar with Aware Parenting? I learned about it 4 years ago when my daughter was 6 months old. It completely changed my life, my parenting journey, the way I understand my daughter and how we are able to get great sleep. Please check out the Aware Parenting (AwP) section on this webpage if you would like to learn more. I am keen to offer you support. I am training to be an AwP instructor. During these home days, I’d love to be here for you through:

-Online consultations to help you feel more relaxed and find ease and techniques to help your children.

-Aware Parenting workshop, which will start April 17. The events page has lots of info about it. The early bird price is $30. I hope to see you there! Xo -Laura

Learn play & connection techniques and how release through tears & tantrums creates calmer, cooperative behavior in children, helps them sleep better and helps parents to find more ease and understanding.

Suggested times for the lives:
Welcome video: April 17 5pm
Subsequent live videos: Sundays 10am
(If these days and times do not work for you, then we can adjust to find the most suitable times for all.)


How are you during these big times? Are you finding time to respond to your needs and listen to/be heard about your feelings?
It’s understandable that big changes can create big emotions in us as parents and in our babies & children.
I’m sending you all sooo much love!❤️❤️❤️

If you have been interested in delving deeper into Aware Parenting and are looking for more support as you navigate through these uncertain times, then I would love to offer you…

An Aware Parenting Workshop (April 17- May 17) via a fb course including…
-why do children act in ways that we find challenging?
-how can babies sleep better and feel more relaxed after a big cry in arms/parent next to them? (Never leave a baby to cry alone)
-how can we listen to our children’s emotions, their tears, tantrums, create deep connection and play to help them release big emotions that cause challenging behaviour and help them return to their natural state of cooperation and sleep better?
-lots of attachment play ideas, that are also specifically targeted for helping them release emotions and process what’s happening around them (& us) during these uncertain times
-practicing loving limits
-applying the tools & techniques of active empathetic listening and NVC to other relationships, such as with ourselves, partners and parents; deepening your capacity to listen to your own feelings & needs
-exploration of our own childhood and understand of why certain moments triggers us

*4 fb lives on sundays for about an hour where I will present themed information & ample time for questions… these lives will be accessible anytime afterward in a replay on the fb course page + a welcome and a closing fb live
*support from myself at any point during the 4-week course, lots of opportunities to ask questions
*the curriculum will be emergent, depending on who joins the workshop and what ever else you are wanting
*invaluable written info to help you and your children find more peace and ease on this beautiful parenting-child journey that we share

Early bird (sign up before April 4) > $30 AU
Regular price (sign up before April 11) > $40 AU
Last minute (doors close on the April 16) > $50 AU

Please PM me if you would like to join or have questions
payment can be received via bank transfer or PayPal. I’d be happy to PM those details.

Lots of love,