Online Aware Parenting Workshop for FREE starting sun may 3

Hello community!

How are you doing as we sink into this slowing down time? What are you enjoying? What has been tough and challenging?

It’s been a time with big changes, big adjustments and big feelings. I’m sure that u and ur close ones have been feeling big feelings, and I send you all so much love and support. I’d love to offer more support in a way that has helped me so much with my children over the years. So, starting next week I will start a FREE online aware parenting workshop through fb to share the philosophy of Aware Parenting (AwP), help you communicate better with your family, understand how to help your children release big emotions through tears or laughter (rather than aggression or suppression) and in turn to help you all feel calmer, more cooperative, gentler and sleep better.

The workshop will be broken down into 4 sections, and will go for 4 weeks: on sundays at 10am I’ll have fb lives on the online workshop page. Starting Sunday May 3. It’ll be a chance for you to be heard, ask questions and learn more about AwP.

Would you like to join? If yes, please email me for the fb page for the online workshop. [email protected]

Here’s what it’ll cover:
Unit #1: listening with Empathy and Connection
Connection & listening, feelings & needs: if all needs have been met (i.e. Not hungry) then our children may be needing our support to release big feelings. When they’re acting in a behavior that is challenging, or doing something that we don’t want them to do, they may have big feelings that need to be released and listened to. When we connect with our children through laughter or listen with empathy to tears or tantrums, we help them come back to their calm, cooperative and gentle selves. Children, as are all humans, are pure love in their natural state, so helpful and kind.

Unit #2: Play & Laughter
Let’s learn about the 9 types of attachment play that Aletha Solter has outlined in her books. These methods help our children process in their language of play, connect with their parents and release big emotions.

Unit #3: Crying, Tears and Tantrums
When big emotions come up, children will naturally release them in a healthy way through crying/tantrums (or laughing). Adults and older children may release through crying, laughter and talking. Alternately humans suppress their emotions or become aggressive or agitated. Helping our children release through tears and laughter is a natural bodily function that releases stress.

Unit #4: Healing- how are you feeling?
In this section we will explore your feelings and needs. It’s not possible to listen to our children feelings if we have not had a chance to express ours or if we have not given ourselves self-care or responded to our needs. Self-care for mothers is essential to be able to give back to family and community. Some moments are tiring, especially could be more so these days . All we need is to soak our feet in a warm bath and drink a herbal tea. Listening to our bodies and hearts is what AwP is all about! It’s as much about listening to our children as listening to ourselves.
Also, have you found that certain moments with your kids triggers you? We can explore what you are needing and feeling. Also, we can look at your childhood and send love to little you and hurts. Tapping into wounds from your childhood can open up space to change patterns and create new possibilities.

I find so much joy in sharing AwP, as it helped me so much in all aspects of my life to communicate better and understand feelings and needs. It’s also helped me to connect more with my children and find more ease and understanding in parenting. I’ve been wanting to create this online workshop for some time, so I’m very excited that it’s here and to share it with the world.

If you would like deeper support on a personal level, I also offer one-on-one Skype sessions (or in person at the birth house in a Lismore when we can meet face-to-face again) for $60/hr.

Would you like to join? If yes, please email me for the online workshop fb page or comment below. Also, please feel free to invite friends.

email: [email protected]

P.s. replays are always available on the workshop fb page, so even if u can’t make it on the particular time for the live, that the replay will always be up.

So much love to u! I hope to see u there ❤️❤️