Ayurvedic Consultations and mini intro course


Let’s gather
the 5 elements
the 3 doshas,
the 3 gunnas
to understand the foundations of Ayurveda.

If you are ever close to Lismore, Australia and would like to come over for an Ayurvedic lifestyle consultation or a mini intro course about Ayurveda, based on who you are, just let me know.

Coming Soon: we will have a quiet temple retreat space, a place of rest, an individualised ashram for just one or two at a time.

Connect with mother earth, happiness and abundance.
We are here to help others.
Return to nature and our natural way of being.
Nourish the soul.
Create a routine for health & well-being.


Finding Spirituality in Motherhood

I’m two years into this spiritual journey called Motherhood. I love it! I still look at my daughter in amazement, with pure love, always discovering remarkable nuances. She slows me down, she connects me to the here and now she teaches me to me find more versions of compassion, letting go, and having fun, even when I thought it was all exhausted. And the less calm and carefree days remind me why I love yoga, relaxation techniques and massage.

Here are some incites from motherhood that I find connect me to spirituality, presence, dedication, surrender and reconciliation:
1.) Connect in the present moment, take long, deep breaths
2.) Take things slowly, notice the fine details of life and nurture a routine promoting health & well-being
3.) Relax, laugh and have fun
4.) Practice relaxation techniques, such as yoga nidra
5.) Reconcile: be happy and positive, but also realistic about emotions and learn to move forward through healthy processing. Ayurveda teaches the many dangers that suppressing emotions can cause, also to the physical self. It is so important to let go, to process pain and if possible to come to a place of loving-kindess. In reconciliation wishing the other side to be happy and well and forgiving is very powerful. Thanking the other side for being a messenger of transformation, allowing growth, and for change through challenge to take shape is the next step.

Motherhood is one big party of being in the moment, connecting, serving, improving one’s self and loving another unconditionally. It’s a test in strength and stamina. I have the utmost respect for all the mothers who, among all the challenges, keep on going. Next time that you meet a mother who shares her story, her purity, her daily presence and selflessness, please listen to her and celebrate her story. And if you are a mother, you’re amazing!!! Keep it up 🙂

I am filled with Love

If only everyday we could wake up and meditate to the mantra, “I am filled with Love.” Imagine how many more positive and beautiful things would come into our lives.

As a mother I find it important to overcome tiredness and frustration to lead an example of pure divine Love.  While I’m not recommending to suppress other emotions… (That would also be unhealthy, and one should strive to process pain, conflict, challenge, anger, etc.)… I’m encouraging the importance of Love, acceptance,  letting go and having fun on our journey.
Last night I led a pregnancy yoga class and recited some hypnobirthing mantras with a guided meditation. Please feel free to read the picture and words. Whether you’re pregnant or not, maybe you’ll feel touched at certain parts.

Please feel free to leave a comment if something moved or opened you towards a new direction.

Much love,

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Mum’s Yoga & Massage



New Classes at the Lismore Birth House

Dear new mums and mums-to-be, please let me know if you are interested in joining  mums & bubs or prenatal yoga class.

Mums & bubs yoga classes, a 5-week course celebrating motherhood and this spiritual journey, starting nov. 14, Tuesday mornings : 10:30-11:30am, $75/5 classes ($15/class) (plus cuppa/snack and discussion after class). bookings essential

Antenatal yoga classes are going on now on Wednesday evenings for another few weeks, and we’ve got some more space, so come and join us. (after yoga class an awesome speaker/discussion & cuppa/snack) at the Lismore Birth House on Wednesday evenings, 5:30-6:30pm. $20/class. Bookings essential, Just let me know and I’ll save you a spot.

The Lismore Birth House

Yoga and massage have a profound impact on calming babies and mums, whether inside or outside the womb, it’s never too early to start . I am so honoured to be offering yoga to you mums and mums-to-be. We create a peaceful environment of presence and connection, choosing healthy habits to contribute to our well-being, slowing down, stretching and relaxing. It’s so wonderful to connect with other like-minded pregnant women and mums.

One mother, Cat shared that the mums & bubs yoga seem to help her baby sleep better and, “Currently in the middles of one of these classes and cannot recommend them more! Very nurturing and with a yummy, healthy snack and chat afterwards.” thank you Cat! 
(Cat’s blog: https://www.facebook.com/healingmumma/?pnref=lhc)

I’m also so happy to offer pre & post natal massage.
Let’s tap into this sacred time, & enjoy together 🙏❤️
Laura Shaz
0415 5333 11


It’s so magical to share in this special time, connect with yourself & community and soothe the body, mind and soul


yoga nidra

With the help of sound, please enjoy this gentle 20 min yoga nidra that I made years ago. It is like a body scan to relax. I often listen to this to quiet the mind when my mind is racing. It’s also a great way to slow ourselves down when we’re feeling overwhelmed and need to find balance, and just to help us recenter. I hope it helps you! xo

p.s. you may need to download soundcloud first to be able to listen to it.


Namaste! Chakras are energy centres that are located in the body, from the base of the spine up through the energy channel of the spine to the top of the head. Some schools of yoga believe that blockages in these energy centres and channels relate to blockages in life. For example, is your throat sore or are you unable to speak up?  Well, maybe your vishuddi chakra is blocked. Try gently and nourishingly clearing this space with neck rotations or bringing your head side to side (right ear towards the right shoulder, and then to the other side). See if you feel lighter and clearer. For more info on chakras, please check out this visual that I’ve created located below. om shanti 🙂 -Laura


Mums Yoga

Mum’s Yoga is held every Wednesday morning from 9:30-10:30 at Dynamic Yoga Rainbow Region (142 Keen St) in Lismore. Come join us tomorrow or any other Wednesday. Drop-ins welcome.
Quiet the mind, strengthen the body and soothe the soul while our little ones play and join in . Yoga feeds peace, balance and tranquility. As mums nurture and strengthen themselves the benefits ripple and the children soak in the energy of relaxation. Please join for some peace and love for you and your little ones. $15/class or ***$30/3 classes new special ***
I also offer massage for $50/hr.
I am a certified Massage therapist, yoga instructor and Ayurveda lifestyle consultant.



Holistic Parenting


Every morning, I open my eyes and see my daughter.  I usually feel tired and then I feel that great joy that my little guru reminds me of with her cute smile.

We are given a gift every day: to enjoy it all!

We can choose to feel present in every moment and to make choices that will contribute to our well-being of happiness and satisfaction. We can allow ourselves to feel nurtured and relaxed.  Then we can give back these energies of unconditional love to our little ones and to those around us. This process also allows us to feel aligned with our natural, balanced state of being, our intuition guides us and we can be the best versions of ourselves.

Building on years of education and work in the field of peace and love, I offer a safe space for women, mothers, mums-to-be (and sometimes for fathers, too) to feel happy, satisfied and healthy.

I’m Laura Shaz, a postitive thinker, big dreamer and mother.  I am also a yoga instructor, massage therapist and Ayurveda lifestyle consultant.  I incorporate ancient wisdoms, along with techniques of aware communication and mediation to create an environment of love and compassion in clases, individual sessions, workshops, courses and sacred sharings. I have a Masters degree in Conflict Resolution and Mediation and worked as a facilitator and educator building bridges of communication & understanding in a conflict zone for many years.

Everyday I use principles of aware communication (NVC/non violent communication), yoga, massage, and Ayurveda, to raise my toddler and to have fun being a mother ☺. We spend a lot of time outdoors in nature and creating healthy meals.  Also, we practice yoga and pranayama (breathing exercises) together.  For example, I use deep breathing and mentally repeat a mantra when lying with my little one to sleep:

Breathing In Deeply: IN
Breathing Out Out:         OUT
In:                                                  DEEP
Out:                                                 SLOW
In:                                                          SMILE
Out:                                                            RELAX
In:                                                                       BREATHE
Out:                                                                           RELEASE
…After this mantra and deep yoga breaths, we have both relaxed and slowed down. We have released so much energy that we do not need to hold onto any longer. We have allowed space for fresh, healing energy to come in. We are lighter and clearer… and usually after a few minutes of lying there together my munchkin has then drifted off to sleep.

Go ahead and try it if you’ve got a little one at home or if you want some moments to relax with deep breathing and repeating this mantra: IN>OUT>DEEP>SLOW>SMILE>RELAX>BREATHE>RELEASE.

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know how you feel afterward.