Hello Families,
How are yoU doing? I am a pre-natal and post-natal yoga teacher, massage therapist and Aware Parenting Instructor. I am passionate about helping mother’s and families improve their physical and emotional health.
Usually you can find me at the Birth House on Tuesdays. These days I am working out of my home yurt clinic at the moment or online, and I have space on Tuesdays, some Fridays, and some evenings and weekends to support yoU, whether through yoga, massage (pre&post natal) or Aware Parenting consulations.
During this challenging time, the parents that I am working with have been benefitting massively with the Aware Parenting (AwP) techniques. The healing power of crying, laughter and Attachment Play has had such a positive impact on my family and I am so happy to share with you.
Would you like to learn more about the Aware Parenting approach?… such as finding ways to have more peaceful nights’ sleep with your bub or more cooperation with your toddler?
Discover the reasons for challenging behaviours in your child and regretful parenting in yourself.
Learn about acting out, repression and release in yourself and your child.
Use loving limits to transform acting out behaviours such as hitting and biting.
Find out how to stop yourself parenting in ways that you would otherwise regret.
June SPECIAL: contact me this month for a free individualised meditation session to help you align with your highest love with every AwP consult or massage that you book in.
This pandemic period has allowed families that I work with to truly understand the importance of connecting with their children with play and allowing them to express their big emotions, whether as babies crying in arms (after all needs have been met) or children having a full-blown tantrums and a parent closeby. AwP has the power to change people’s lives and improve them so much!
I offer workshops and 1-on-1 AwP consultation, massage and yoga sessions.
Please let me know if you have any questions, if you would like more info or to book in.
My website is www.ljspeace.com
Laura 0415533311
I’m sending you so much love during this big period!
Laura Shaz