Aware Parenting: would you like one-on-one support?

Dear Families who have joined (and who are watching later on in the online fb Aware parenting workshop),

What a joy it has been to share the principles of AwP!!! Thank you for taking the time to join (or for those who are watching later, enjoy)! No matter in what way that you were a part of this, your lives and your families lives will benefit! If you are not a part of the online workshop, please let me know and I will send you the details. It will be up forever.

Aware Parenting (AwP) is a paradigm shift from the generations of the behaviourist paradigm. Instead of looking at the child’s behaviour that is challenging, AwP looks at the emotions that are causing the behaviour. It isn’t always something that is easy to grasp. In history and even today in mainstream society, strong emotions are not seen as good. Society wants people to be controlled. AwP raises children who express emotions and heal from that expression, along side the connection of a supportive carer.

As parents, we have the power to raise children who are healed, aware of emotions, able to connect with themselves and others and who release big emotions. We can support our children to release in a healthy way by crying and/or laughing, rather than suppression or aggression. What a gift! AwP children grow up to be non-violent, able to communicate with their family and friends, aware of big emotions and have the ability to release them through connection, along with crying, talking or laughing. They are connected with their heart’s callings, calm, gentle, able to concentrate for long periods, and furthermore able to give back to society by achieving their full potential and being filled with joy in realising their purpose on earth.

As parents who raise their children through the AwP philosophy, we can change old, learned patterns from unconscious imprints that have been left in our bodies and spirits. For example, if we grew up fearing our older sibling who was harsh with us, we can work through unresolved emotions. If we were raised by a parent who yelled at us, we can change that engrained habitual pattern and develop a way to not repeat the yelling on our offspring. We can raise a generation that has a strong, healthy communication with their family & friends, a relationship based on understanding and compassion, a relationship embedded in healing through the release of emotions, which allows the body and soul to return to the natural state of peace and balance.

I am hear to support you:
-during those trigger moments,
-those questions of how to parent in the way that you have always dreamed of,
-empathy for strong feelings that are coming out in your children and in yourselves.
As we open Pandora’s box toward a non-violent world where our soul’s are following their hearts’ callings, free from suppression and aggression, I support you on this journey.

I am offering group Skype calls, one-on-one support consultations and mum’s circles and workshops (online or in our yurt temple). If you would like to join please send me an email: [email protected] or give me a ring/message 0415533311.

So much love to you,