Don’t Repress: Healthy Expression of Emotions is so Important

According to Ayurveda, repressing emotions can lead to disease and pain in the body. The more we hold onto uncomfortable feelings, the more pain and blockages can build up. Suppression can lead to overuse, misuse and no use of parts of the body, mind and sense organs. Our bodies, mind and spirits are temples and healthy expression can lead to better health, energy, sleep and feeling happier.

This is why it is so important to stay connected with who you are, your emotions, feelings and needs. So, make sure to take a few moments every day to check-in and recharge when needed.

In the future I will write more about healthy expression through NVC~ non-violent communication, or sometimes also known as mindful or aware communication.

Lots of love,

One of the best parts about yoga are the many tools to quiet the mind, so that you can relax, heal and connect in with compassion…, , Here are just a few ideas to give yourself some quick yogi love…

1.) Pranayama (breathing techniques): try sitting in a comfortable position and breathing in and out very slowly… following the breath as it enters and exits the nostrils. You can try this:
2.) Meditation: now that you have slowed your breathing, can you sit comfortably for a few minutes, starting with 5 minutes a day. Then slowly building up a few minutes every week. Set a timer and remove distractions. It’s cool to get in the habit of meditating with a baby around. Sometimes, toddlers, though, can be a bit tough to share the quiet space with. Don’t be shy to give it a try, though!
3.) Chanting with a mantra: I absolutely love singing! And what a joy that as mothers, we can sing, sing, sing. Chanting incorporates mantra and rhythm, for exponential benefits of health, happiness and connecting in the present moment. It also has detoxifying properties, purification and the ability to remove impressions that are left in us. All mantras have positive meanings and by repeating them (even if the exact meaning is not known), will have a positive effect. Just choose your favourite chant or mantra and recognize the purity and love that it creates.
4.) Yoga asanas (especially balances postures). When balancing in tree posture, dancing posture, warrier 3 or any other favourite balancing posture, the mind had difficulty wanderer. It’s a great tool to strengthn and balance the body, while slowing the thoughts.

Aware Parenting, thank you! & Mum’s Circle

Thank you to Aware Parenting (AwP) for helping me partake on this beautiful journey of motherhood with more joy, love, understanding and healing. I love that AwP teaches us to look after the mums & bubs emotional well-being by emphasizing the needs for mums, little ones and babies to cry and be heard or to play, (releasing pent-up emotions through crying and laughter). The goal is to help not only our child connect with their natural inclinations of cooperation and contribution, and to help improve their sleep and rest states as they are more relaxed and free from bottled-up emotions, but also mum.

One of the most useful tools for me from AwP has been to decipher this toddler language. For example, when my daughter acts out, it’s a sign, that she wants help, and that she needs my help. Babies and children are full of love and do not want to cause pain to anybody. They also do not want to repress or use aggression to handle their feelings. They need help directing their emotions toward a healthy path of release. A strong reaction over a little event, like a child crying over a broken cookie, probably means that there is more than the broken cookie going on in with that little one.

It’s been a very life-changing experience for me, having met my mentor, Marion Rose PhD (baby psychologist & amazing woman), in Mullumbimby over 2 years ago in a mum’s circle, and then afterward reading The Aware Baby by Aletha Solter. My daughter was 6 months old at the time, and I hadn’t given her much opportunity to really cry. Since then we have both healed and been heard so much. It’s been miraculous to see how light and relaxed she became once she had a good cry or laughed and is heard compassionately. Also, I have been able to be so much more aware of my emotions and hers, be more connected & present with her, be more harmonious with my family and be able to process & heal from patterns from my past.

This approach to parenting really resonated with me. Ofcourse, there’s no one way or right way to parent, so listen to what feels right for you. I’m studying now to be an AwP instructor with Marion Rose. I have a background in Conflict Resolution & Mediation, facilitation and non-violent communication (aware communication) with a master’s degree from Tel Aviv University. I am very committed to helping people find health, joy and peace in their lives.

I’m so excited that on Sunday, August 12th from 10-11:30 you are invited to join in for a small mums’ circle at our place in Modanville: to have some mumma time, do some yoga, fill up your cup, share how you are doing at the moment (whether it be about your little one or anything else in your life… Everything is connected, so what happens in one part of your life effects other areas), and learn tips and resources about Aware Parenting (which I will explain more of below).

We’ve just created a little temple space in a yurt in our backyard. We will use the practise of yoga, meditation and Aware Parenting, and ofcourse some yummy treats, to relax and slow down, and to listen within and also to each other. The mums’ circle, which I would like to entitle: “Being Heard and Healing,” will be held one weekend morning in August that suits all that is interested, ideally just mums (ofcourse babies can come, but it may be nice to have this space to be without them for this time). Cost: $10
If this feels right for you, please let me know and book in, and feel free to invite others who may be interested.
[email protected] or 0415 533 311

Women’s Festival in Lismore

It’s such an honour to be a part of women’s festival! Calling all new mums and bubs (pre-crawlers) and pregnant women who would like to join in on the celebratory free class on Monday, March 5 at 10:30am at the Lismore Birth House. Just let me know if you’d like me to save you a spot 🙂
Laura 0415 533 311

Summer Schedule at the Channon

Hey Yogis,
Thank you all so much for coming, and sharing your peaceful, loving energy. It’s been such an honour to share a beautiful month of yoga together! We’ll have a few little changes as summer approaches…
tomorrow 5/12 Class as usual, 6-7 at the Hall
next week 12/12 Class from 6-7 at the primary school, bring a friend for free! we’ll do a little summer celebration to completely let go before holidays, including yoga nidra and a prasad
in 2 weeks 19/12 Class as usual, 6-7 at the Hall, last class of the year
no class 26/12, 2/1, 9/1, a few weeks of summer break, no class
January 16, Class is back as usual and will be ongoing every week 🙂 Tuesday 6-7 at the Hall, om shanti, Laura Shaz🙏❤️🙏

Pregnancy Yoga: What a gift for yourself and your baby.

Pregnancy yoga is a gift for yourself, baby and surroundings, as it teaches tools to slow down and to be in the present moment. You learn how to stay connected with your breath, changing body, and baby who is growing inside of you. Through breath awareness, quieting the mind and gentle stretches you also deepen into your highest potential. You feel more grounded, balanced and calm while practicing yoga, which is especially essential as hormones are changing. Prenatal yoga is designed to keep you healthy during pregnancy, as well as strong, soft and open, preparing you for optimal birthing. Also, it teaches you tools to be at ease as a new mum. It is encouraged to practice in a warm and safe space to connect, nurture and nourish yourself and maybe also other pregnant friends around you.

Yoga is a foundation for health and well-being. A regular yoga practice creates a routine for a healthy mother to follow, as well as a nurtured, calm, and aware baby. Your energy is directly linked to your baby’s. Therefore, taking part in beautiful, peaceful practices during pregnancy, will already plant seeds for your baby’s well-being. And the rippling effect goes far beyond, building an environment of peace, harmony, and balance to encircle you.

Tips for a happy yoga session:
Listen to your body. Everybody is unique and everybody’s body is different. Yoga is a healing art, so please do not do something that is painful.

Enjoy. Let go and RELAX ☺

Nurture and love your changing body and baby growing inside of you.

Start your yoga practice by connecting with your baby and body, setting an intention, making a wish or saying something that you grateful for.

Pranayama (breathing exercises) are especially beneficial during pregnancy: slow and controlled, relaxed, deep yogic breathing is absolutely wonderful to practice, as it is one of the most effective ways to stay calm & steady. Let every breath feed your baby. You can practice breathing exercise while stroking belly. (Your breath will help you stay grounded during birth.)

Pranayama is the Sanskrit word for breath control and is a pivotal element of yoga which holds you in meditation and guides you through gentle stretches. Breathing techniques are definitely one of the main focuses of pregnancy yoga, as the breath is an automatic relaxation tool. It is your control centre for slowing down and connecting with every moment. Breath teaches you to stay in control of the normal cascade of hormones surges during labour and for the delivery of your baby and during early days as a new mother. Throughout pregnancy slow, relaxed yogic breathing nourishes every cell of the mother and feeds the baby, as well.

Tips for deep, yogic breathing:
When taking deep breaths, breathe in and out through the nose.
With every inhalation, feel the breath go in through the nose, fill the chest, belly and baby.
With every exhalation, follow the breath as the belly slightly goes in, the chest contracts and the breath leaves the nose.
Again inhalation: in through the nose, cool air, chest expands, belly and baby fill with the air.
Exhalation: belly goes in slightly, chest contracts, follow the warm air out of the nose.

The correct form of exercise during pregnancy is important. Yoga and walking are optimal, while running and other gym activities can be inappropriate for a pregnant woman. Women benefit by staying fit, strong and active, relaxed and with good stamina for delivery and being a new mum. It is important to keep in mind that the relaxin hormone is higher during pregnancy, so not to overstretch. Also, the pelvic floor muscles must be looked after and there can be other considerations, such as the separation of tummy muscles. It is important to practice yoga with a practitioner who is aware of these factors, or ideally in a pregnancy yoga class. Also, yoga marries the creative, pure energy of sattick Ayurvedic practices, creating a balanced lifestyle between rest and activity.

In terms of asanas (positions):
-Yes: Squats & Lunges to open hips and legs
Pelvic floor stretches (slow ones and quicker ones)
All 4s (ie cat/cow and lower back rotations), extending one leg out behind you and lifting it.
Sitting positions, while propping yourself up on a blanket, block or bolster
Gentle neck rotations and massaging the lower back part of the head, shoulders.
Gentle twists
Standing poses that are soft and nourishing are good to keep up stamina and strength.
-No: No lying on ur belly poses after month 3-4
No deep twists
No overstretching (as your more elastic than before and this can create problems later)
No deep inversions, so take it easy with bridge
(& try puppy dog on four arms and knees, instead of downdog in third trimester)
No hot yoga (a warm room is ok, as long as you’re well hydrated)

*Shivasana (final relaxation): By the third trimester lie on left side with a pillow between knees.

Relaxation Exercises and Reconciliation:
Pregnancy can be a time for self-reflection and rebirth. Please relax and reconcile. Simple relaxation techniques, such as body scanning to release tension through the muscles and areas of the body can ensure that you are at ease and letting go. During pregnancy it is good to stay happy and positive, but moreover, it is essential to heal and release pent-up emotions. Suppression and aggression are not helpful to yourself, baby or community

Reconciliation and aware communication are foundations for improving yourself and relationships. Humans are created to help each other. You can acknowledge and reconcile with pain and discomfort in order to create the best environment for your little one(s) and so that you can continue on your unique path. Disease is associate with a lack of ease and emotions that effect the body, mind and spirit. Once you express yourself in a healthy way, all will benefit and feel the affect.

Post-natal yoga:
After taking part in pregnancy yoga, you will feel a sense of joy to return to the wisdom of yoga once your baby is born. The early days of a newborn mother is a time to be filled with love, bonding with her newborn, and breastfeeding. Yoga will rejuvenate you when you are tired, help you release stress and focus your attention on aware communication/parenting. Yoga is also so much fun to do together with a newborn by your side and to continue onward as mums & bub grow together and learn from one another.

Laura Shaz is a yoga instructor, massage therapist, Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultant, and mum of a toddler. She is passionate about working with women to create a safe, healing space for them to develop a routine of health and well-being. She teaches mums-to-be and mums self-healing practices through ancient Ayurvedic and yogic wisdom and incites to treat themselves and their babies.

Laura also facilitates groups and teaches aware communication (non-violent communication/NVC). These techniques are vital for reconciliation, better cooperation and conflict prevention, which are pivotal for health. She encourages mums to empower themselves and their babies through deep presence together, close connection and peaceful, healthy dialogue (or release of emotions/crying for babies) to feel more relaxed and to create the foundation for harmonious communication.

Yoga Classes on at the Channon

For all the locals who follow this page: please come for a hatha yoga class, held every Tuesday at the Channon Hall.  There will be some changes and celebrations for summer, which will be posted soon.

Until then, I hope to see you there!

Every Tuesday evening, 6-7pm

The Channon Hall


Ayurvedic Consultations and mini intro course


Let’s gather
the 5 elements
the 3 doshas,
the 3 gunnas
to understand the foundations of Ayurveda.

If you are ever close to Lismore, Australia and would like to come over for an Ayurvedic lifestyle consultation or a mini intro course about Ayurveda, based on who you are, just let me know.

Coming Soon: we will have a quiet temple retreat space, a place of rest, an individualised ashram for just one or two at a time.

Connect with mother earth, happiness and abundance.
We are here to help others.
Return to nature and our natural way of being.
Nourish the soul.
Create a routine for health & well-being.


Finding Spirituality in Motherhood

I’m two years into this spiritual journey called Motherhood. I love it! I still look at my daughter in amazement, with pure love, always discovering remarkable nuances. She slows me down, she connects me to the here and now she teaches me to me find more versions of compassion, letting go, and having fun, even when I thought it was all exhausted. And the less calm and carefree days remind me why I love yoga, relaxation techniques and massage.

Here are some incites from motherhood that I find connect me to spirituality, presence, dedication, surrender and reconciliation:
1.) Connect in the present moment, take long, deep breaths
2.) Take things slowly, notice the fine details of life and nurture a routine promoting health & well-being
3.) Relax, laugh and have fun
4.) Practice relaxation techniques, such as yoga nidra
5.) Reconcile: be happy and positive, but also realistic about emotions and learn to move forward through healthy processing. Ayurveda teaches the many dangers that suppressing emotions can cause, also to the physical self. It is so important to let go, to process pain and if possible to come to a place of loving-kindess. In reconciliation wishing the other side to be happy and well and forgiving is very powerful. Thanking the other side for being a messenger of transformation, allowing growth, and for change through challenge to take shape is the next step.

Motherhood is one big party of being in the moment, connecting, serving, improving one’s self and loving another unconditionally. It’s a test in strength and stamina. I have the utmost respect for all the mothers who, among all the challenges, keep on going. Next time that you meet a mother who shares her story, her purity, her daily presence and selflessness, please listen to her and celebrate her story. And if you are a mother, you’re amazing!!! Keep it up 🙂

I am filled with Love

If only everyday we could wake up and meditate to the mantra, “I am filled with Love.” Imagine how many more positive and beautiful things would come into our lives.

As a mother I find it important to overcome tiredness and frustration to lead an example of pure divine Love.  While I’m not recommending to suppress other emotions… (That would also be unhealthy, and one should strive to process pain, conflict, challenge, anger, etc.)… I’m encouraging the importance of Love, acceptance,  letting go and having fun on our journey.
Last night I led a pregnancy yoga class and recited some hypnobirthing mantras with a guided meditation. Please feel free to read the picture and words. Whether you’re pregnant or not, maybe you’ll feel touched at certain parts.

Please feel free to leave a comment if something moved or opened you towards a new direction.

Much love,