Aware Parenting: would you like one-on-one support?

Dear Families who have joined (and who are watching later on in the online fb Aware parenting workshop),

What a joy it has been to share the principles of AwP!!! Thank you for taking the time to join (or for those who are watching later, enjoy)! No matter in what way that you were a part of this, your lives and your families lives will benefit! If you are not a part of the online workshop, please let me know and I will send you the details. It will be up forever.

Aware Parenting (AwP) is a paradigm shift from the generations of the behaviourist paradigm. Instead of looking at the child’s behaviour that is challenging, AwP looks at the emotions that are causing the behaviour. It isn’t always something that is easy to grasp. In history and even today in mainstream society, strong emotions are not seen as good. Society wants people to be controlled. AwP raises children who express emotions and heal from that expression, along side the connection of a supportive carer.

As parents, we have the power to raise children who are healed, aware of emotions, able to connect with themselves and others and who release big emotions. We can support our children to release in a healthy way by crying and/or laughing, rather than suppression or aggression. What a gift! AwP children grow up to be non-violent, able to communicate with their family and friends, aware of big emotions and have the ability to release them through connection, along with crying, talking or laughing. They are connected with their heart’s callings, calm, gentle, able to concentrate for long periods, and furthermore able to give back to society by achieving their full potential and being filled with joy in realising their purpose on earth.

As parents who raise their children through the AwP philosophy, we can change old, learned patterns from unconscious imprints that have been left in our bodies and spirits. For example, if we grew up fearing our older sibling who was harsh with us, we can work through unresolved emotions. If we were raised by a parent who yelled at us, we can change that engrained habitual pattern and develop a way to not repeat the yelling on our offspring. We can raise a generation that has a strong, healthy communication with their family & friends, a relationship based on understanding and compassion, a relationship embedded in healing through the release of emotions, which allows the body and soul to return to the natural state of peace and balance.

I am hear to support you:
-during those trigger moments,
-those questions of how to parent in the way that you have always dreamed of,
-empathy for strong feelings that are coming out in your children and in yourselves.
As we open Pandora’s box toward a non-violent world where our soul’s are following their hearts’ callings, free from suppression and aggression, I support you on this journey.

I am offering group Skype calls, one-on-one support consultations and mum’s circles and workshops (online or in our yurt temple). If you would like to join please send me an email: [email protected] or give me a ring/message 0415533311.

So much love to you,


Hello Families,
How are yoU doing? I am a pre-natal and post-natal yoga teacher, massage therapist and Aware Parenting Instructor. I am passionate about helping mother’s and families improve their physical and emotional health.
Usually you can find me at the Birth House on Tuesdays. These days I am working out of my home yurt clinic at the moment or online, and I have space on Tuesdays, some Fridays, and some evenings and weekends to support yoU, whether through yoga, massage (pre&post natal) or Aware Parenting consulations.
During this challenging time, the parents that I am working with have been benefitting massively with the Aware Parenting (AwP) techniques. The healing power of crying, laughter and Attachment Play has had such a positive impact on my family and I am so happy to share with you.
Would you like to learn more about the Aware Parenting approach?… such as finding ways to have more peaceful nights’ sleep with your bub or more cooperation with your toddler?
Discover the reasons for challenging behaviours in your child and regretful parenting in yourself.
Learn about acting out, repression and release in yourself and your child.
Use loving limits to transform acting out behaviours such as hitting and biting.
Find out how to stop yourself parenting in ways that you would otherwise regret.
June SPECIAL: contact me this month for a free individualised meditation session to help you align with your highest love with every AwP consult or massage that you book in.
This pandemic period has allowed families that I work with to truly understand the importance of connecting with their children with play and allowing them to express their big emotions, whether as babies crying in arms (after all needs have been met) or children having a full-blown tantrums and a parent closeby. AwP has the power to change people’s lives and improve them so much!
I offer workshops and 1-on-1 AwP consultation, massage and yoga sessions.
Please let me know if you have any questions, if you would like more info or to book in.
My website is
Laura 0415533311
I’m sending you so much love during this big period!
Laura Shaz

Online Aware Parenting Workshop for FREE starting sun may 3

Hello community!

How are you doing as we sink into this slowing down time? What are you enjoying? What has been tough and challenging?

It’s been a time with big changes, big adjustments and big feelings. I’m sure that u and ur close ones have been feeling big feelings, and I send you all so much love and support. I’d love to offer more support in a way that has helped me so much with my children over the years. So, starting next week I will start a FREE online aware parenting workshop through fb to share the philosophy of Aware Parenting (AwP), help you communicate better with your family, understand how to help your children release big emotions through tears or laughter (rather than aggression or suppression) and in turn to help you all feel calmer, more cooperative, gentler and sleep better.

The workshop will be broken down into 4 sections, and will go for 4 weeks: on sundays at 10am I’ll have fb lives on the online workshop page. Starting Sunday May 3. It’ll be a chance for you to be heard, ask questions and learn more about AwP.

Would you like to join? If yes, please email me for the fb page for the online workshop. [email protected]

Here’s what it’ll cover:
Unit #1: listening with Empathy and Connection
Connection & listening, feelings & needs: if all needs have been met (i.e. Not hungry) then our children may be needing our support to release big feelings. When they’re acting in a behavior that is challenging, or doing something that we don’t want them to do, they may have big feelings that need to be released and listened to. When we connect with our children through laughter or listen with empathy to tears or tantrums, we help them come back to their calm, cooperative and gentle selves. Children, as are all humans, are pure love in their natural state, so helpful and kind.

Unit #2: Play & Laughter
Let’s learn about the 9 types of attachment play that Aletha Solter has outlined in her books. These methods help our children process in their language of play, connect with their parents and release big emotions.

Unit #3: Crying, Tears and Tantrums
When big emotions come up, children will naturally release them in a healthy way through crying/tantrums (or laughing). Adults and older children may release through crying, laughter and talking. Alternately humans suppress their emotions or become aggressive or agitated. Helping our children release through tears and laughter is a natural bodily function that releases stress.

Unit #4: Healing- how are you feeling?
In this section we will explore your feelings and needs. It’s not possible to listen to our children feelings if we have not had a chance to express ours or if we have not given ourselves self-care or responded to our needs. Self-care for mothers is essential to be able to give back to family and community. Some moments are tiring, especially could be more so these days . All we need is to soak our feet in a warm bath and drink a herbal tea. Listening to our bodies and hearts is what AwP is all about! It’s as much about listening to our children as listening to ourselves.
Also, have you found that certain moments with your kids triggers you? We can explore what you are needing and feeling. Also, we can look at your childhood and send love to little you and hurts. Tapping into wounds from your childhood can open up space to change patterns and create new possibilities.

I find so much joy in sharing AwP, as it helped me so much in all aspects of my life to communicate better and understand feelings and needs. It’s also helped me to connect more with my children and find more ease and understanding in parenting. I’ve been wanting to create this online workshop for some time, so I’m very excited that it’s here and to share it with the world.

If you would like deeper support on a personal level, I also offer one-on-one Skype sessions (or in person at the birth house in a Lismore when we can meet face-to-face again) for $60/hr.

Would you like to join? If yes, please email me for the online workshop fb page or comment below. Also, please feel free to invite friends.

email: [email protected]

P.s. replays are always available on the workshop fb page, so even if u can’t make it on the particular time for the live, that the replay will always be up.

So much love to u! I hope to see u there ❤️❤️

Going online…

Hi Friends,

How are you? I hope that you are finding some peace, and support during these days.

I’m offering some online options in the near future to be with you:
Free class 31/3 Tuesday evening classes 6:15pm

After that Tuesday class, will you be looking for a way to continue to stay healthy and calm for the body & the mind while connecting with a spiritual force?

In Apri I’ll offer 1hr classes on Tuesday evenings at 6:15pm, focusing on a different body part and chakra for each class.

$30 for the month,

Whoever would like to join can PM me for more info, bank or PayPal details.

Aware Parenting:

Are you familiar with Aware Parenting? I learned about it 4 years ago when my daughter was 6 months old. It completely changed my life, my parenting journey, the way I understand my daughter and how we are able to get great sleep. Please check out the Aware Parenting (AwP) section on this webpage if you would like to learn more. I am keen to offer you support. I am training to be an AwP instructor. During these home days, I’d love to be here for you through:

-Online consultations to help you feel more relaxed and find ease and techniques to help your children.

-Aware Parenting workshop, which will start April 17. The events page has lots of info about it. The early bird price is $30. I hope to see you there! Xo -Laura

Learn play & connection techniques and how release through tears & tantrums creates calmer, cooperative behavior in children, helps them sleep better and helps parents to find more ease and understanding.

Suggested times for the lives:
Welcome video: April 17 5pm
Subsequent live videos: Sundays 10am
(If these days and times do not work for you, then we can adjust to find the most suitable times for all.)

How are you during these big times? Are you finding time to respond to your needs and listen to/be heard about your feelings?
It’s understandable that big changes can create big emotions in us as parents and in our babies & children.
I’m sending you all sooo much love!❤️❤️❤️

If you have been interested in delving deeper into Aware Parenting and are looking for more support as you navigate through these uncertain times, then I would love to offer you…

An Aware Parenting Workshop (April 17- May 17) via a fb course including…
-why do children act in ways that we find challenging?
-how can babies sleep better and feel more relaxed after a big cry in arms/parent next to them? (Never leave a baby to cry alone)
-how can we listen to our children’s emotions, their tears, tantrums, create deep connection and play to help them release big emotions that cause challenging behaviour and help them return to their natural state of cooperation and sleep better?
-lots of attachment play ideas, that are also specifically targeted for helping them release emotions and process what’s happening around them (& us) during these uncertain times
-practicing loving limits
-applying the tools & techniques of active empathetic listening and NVC to other relationships, such as with ourselves, partners and parents; deepening your capacity to listen to your own feelings & needs
-exploration of our own childhood and understand of why certain moments triggers us

*4 fb lives on sundays for about an hour where I will present themed information & ample time for questions… these lives will be accessible anytime afterward in a replay on the fb course page + a welcome and a closing fb live
*support from myself at any point during the 4-week course, lots of opportunities to ask questions
*the curriculum will be emergent, depending on who joins the workshop and what ever else you are wanting
*invaluable written info to help you and your children find more peace and ease on this beautiful parenting-child journey that we share

Early bird (sign up before April 4) > $30 AU
Regular price (sign up before April 11) > $40 AU
Last minute (doors close on the April 16) > $50 AU

Please PM me if you would like to join or have questions
payment can be received via bank transfer or PayPal. I’d be happy to PM those details.

Lots of love,

Aware Parenting workshop on March 15, 10-1

Learn play & connection techniques and how release through tears & tantrums creates calmer, cooperative behavior in children, helps them sleep better and helps parents to find more ease and understanding.


SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 10-1
(+ 2 FOLLOW-UP GROUP ONLINE CALLS for continued support)

At Our Yurt in Modanville
Please contact Laura for address and to save a spot, bookings essential
Cost: $60 (includes light lunch and snacks) Laura: 0415 533 311


Give yourself a chance to relax while learning techniques for building healthy communication and release for your kids, the 9 types of play and specific examples depending on the situation… and more tips, such as how crying and tantrums helps babies and kids relax and become more cooperative and sleep better… based on the Aware Parenting (AwP) perspective (based on Aletha Solter’s The Aware Baby & Marion Rose PhD’s work.) Hi, I’m Laura, a passionate mother of two children (ages 4 and 1 year old), a yoga instructor, massage therapist, group facilitator and mediator. I learned that challenging behavior is caused by painful feelings… & how creating a space for my kids to laugh or cry or connect with me allows them to release big emotions and return to their true nature of cooperation & love, & helps them to sleep better, be gentler and happier. It has been a game-changer in this sacred parenting journey since I first learned about it when my eldest was a few months old! This workshop is not only about your children, but also about you: your healing & your time to replenish yourself. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I hope to see u there!
Laura 0415 533 311

Massage, Yoga and Aware Parenting support at the Lismore Birth House

Massage will be offered at the Lismore Birth House starting in Feb 2020


Happy 2020! In February (starting Tues Feb 4) on Tuesday mornings more offerings will be happening at the Lismore Birth House to support families and families-to-be.

*Mums &Bubs and Pregnancy Yoga (from 10:00 am).

*Free Morning Tea at 11:00 for all

*Prenatal and postpartum massage and parenting support -including 1 on 1 consultations- with the Aware Parenting (AwP) perspective, helping with sleep issues and challenging behaviour. bookings available between 11:30-2:30.

Please let me know if you have questions, or would like to join in for yoga or to book a massage/AwP consult.

I’m so looking forward to seeing you and for more peace & happiness in the coming year.

much love,

Laura Shaz


Upcoming Play & Heal- Aware Parenting Workshop

Hello Local Friends with kids!
How are u?
A few years ago I learned about Aware Parenting from Marion Rose and how the play component of it all works! It’s been amazing to see shifts within moments of connecting in with my daughter (4yrs old) and playing together, sometimes any old kind of deep connecting play and sometimes specific Attachment Play. A few minutes, for example, of her being the leader, coming on my back and directing me, has helped her gain power and laugh and then return her to her true nature of cooperation & compassion, and made my life a lot easier! Also with my baby we play peek-a-boo or copying each other’s sounds before bed and he sleeps better after that deep connection (and also often after a cry in my arms).

In a few weeks I will host a workshop filled with techniques for finding more cooperation with our kids through play, based on Aletha Solter’s work and the Aware Parenting (AwP) approach. I’m really excited to share how AwP delves into underlying emotions that lead to challenging behaviour and looks at ways to release them through crying (in arms as a baby) or tears/tantrums, laughter/play and deep connection, as along as needs are met.

If you are looking for more joy, laughter, ease and play, along with more fun & deeper connection with your kids, come and join in the next workshop (Sun., Nov 10, 10-1 at our yurt in Modanville) around play and healing.

It will help our kids and us as parents heal through laughter and play.

Please let me know if you would like more info or to book in.
much love,
Laura Shaz



Mum’s Circle on Sunday

Relax, Connect, Nourish Yourselves at our local

MUM’S CIRCLE ~ Feeling Lighter


At Our Yurt in Modanville
(a few minutes drive from the Channon Market)
Please contact me for address and booking in: Laura 0415 533 311

Come and have some mumma time, connect and relax in a peaceful, non-judgemental space with like-minded mummas. (if possible make it child-free ~ babies are welcome). We’ll do some yoga & meditation. Give yourself a chance to fill up your cup. Share how you are doing at the moment (whether it be about your little one or anything else in your life), learn tips + resources from the Aware Parenting perspective (based on Aletha Solter’s work from The Aware Baby and other books). Laura is a mother of 2, a yoga instructor, certified mediator & facilitator and in-training as an Aware Parenting instructor. She offers classes, workshops & consultations.

For more info visit my website or call me. Laura 0415 533 311
COST: $10


Intro to Aware Parenting Workshop

Hello Mothers,At the end of August I am so excited to host another Intro to Aware Parenting Workshop. If you are interested in learning the many facets and techniques of Aware Parenting or wanting to find more joy, ease, compassion, understanding and healing in your motherhood journey, then please come along or let me know if you have any questions in your personal life.This workshop is not only about the children, but more so about you,: your healing, your time to fill up your cup and how you can express your needs & feelings in a healthy way, then if you have space, how you can support your children to release their feelings.Give yourself a chance to relax and heal while learning techniques for building healthy communication and releasefor your kids, use loving limits rather than punishment & reward… and more from the Aware Parenting (AwP) perspective (based on Aletha Solter’s The Aware Baby & Marion Rose PhD’s work.)I’m a mother of two children (ages almost 4 yrs and 9 months), a yoga instructor, facilitator and mediator. I’m training to be an Aware Parenting Instructor. Almost 3 and a half years ago I learned the basic principles of AwP from Marion Rose PhD, helping me and my daughter to get better sleep, along with better communication skills for us all, bonding exercises to release through laughter and play and generally how to enjoy parenting more, as I understand my children better and can help them be more cooperative and calm, able to concentrate and enjoy life more. It was so wonderful to have these tools available once my second was born, so that we could all enjoy family life together more and overcome the challenges of growing and changing.Challenging behavior is caused by painful feelings and once I understood that, created a space for my kids to cry or laugh or connect, then they could return to their true nature of cooperation & love. It was wonderful to watch how my babies and toddler changed once they could be listened to and responded to, they became generally healthier, happier and gentler. They don’t want to be disrespectful and difficult, they just need help getting out their uncomfortable feelings, whether caused through trauma or simply an overwhelming shopping trip.Aware Parenting has changed my life, and I hope it will yours, as well! I hope to see u there!Sunday Aug 25, 10am-1pmAt our home in Modanville, in the yurt in the backCost $60+2 follow-up inline calls and continuing support through facebook after the workshopwww.ljspeace.comLaura 0415 533 311

link below for fb event:

Mum’s Circle at the Lismore Birth House

Come and join for the next Mum’s Circle, which will be on Sunday July 7th from 10-12. The power of sharing, listening and being heard with compassion is profound for healing. This time we will hold the mum’s circle at the Lismore Birth House on the same Sunday as the same day as the carboot marke. If you can be baby-free, do it! Trust me, you’ll thank me for it!!! Cost: $10
In this safe space we will share how we are doing, including challenges & joys about children, parenting or anything else that’s going on with you. Also, we will chill out with a bit of yoga and meditation and if interested, I will offer tips from the Aware Parenting perspective (totally for you to feel out if it resonates and feels right for you).
Aware Parenting is based on Aletha Solter’s work to help you and your baby release emotions in a healthy way (rather than repression or aggression), so that you can both feel more relaxed and have better sleep. It’s also super helpful with toddlers to be more relaxed and cooperative.
“We’re naturally calm, cooperative and compassionate. We want to contribute to others and care for them. We are able to change, concentrate for long periods, and be creative. This is our natural state,” Marion Rose PhD. If our child acts out, we are needing to help them release their emotions through crying or tantrums or laughter, so that he or she can return to their true state.”
“Our babies want to sleep, feel relaxed, make eye contact, and concentrate.
Our children want to be gentle with their siblings and friends and family, learn new things, and cooperate with us.
We want to contribute to our children, to be calm and connected and compassionate with them.”
If you would like to join in the next mum’s circle or have any questions, please let me know:
Laura 0415 533 311